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Herman's Own Holiday Cards for Sale  26th year summery

Hermans 26th year summary

11/12/13 (Mon). Though I didn’t telescope, today marks the end of my 26th year on the “Street,” which began 11/13/87. In the absence of my best friend, Phyllis Weber, might take myself to a new bar in Hampden to celebrate.

TOTAL STINTS SUMMERY; Over 26 years have telescoped on the “Street” 2,571 times; total “hat” contributions=$172,226.91; averaging $6,624.11/year; 98.9 stints/year and $66.98/stint. (Phyllis Weber has done 151 stints with me).

Assuming around 3-looks per $1 contributed, I’ve given 526,581 looks! My cumulative, year-to-year data in the back of my “Fells Point” folder.

Over the years contributions per average stint have dropped from between $70 to $80 down to $51.28 for my 26th year. It reflects my switch from Harbor Place back to Fells Pt. and Charles Village, as well as my putting in shorter hours.

My health, enthusiasm and stamina seem to be holding up, so I am looking forward to the start of my 27th year.

Borrowing Karen Dunnam’s description of her organizing and calling folk dances in Michigan, “It’s the thing I do best and the best thing I do.”
Next month I turn 83.