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Chris from Amsterdam

Hey Herman,

Hey Herman, - you told me that on your website there are 'two more photo’s using the same technique’. So, I went searching for them. And searching for them I ‘roamed around’ on your site, - and found a lot to be enjoyed! There is much to see and to read and to learn.


Dr. Ira H. (researcher from Israel)

Mr. Heyn,
    I very much appreciate your letter and was VERY impressed with your web site. What a great thing to do: setting up a telescope and offering views of the skies! You say you are a wannabe physicist, I'm a wannabe astronomer and cosmologist. Just recently I had my first view of Saturn. So moving!

As you say, "Yours in science,"


Jim (president of the Howard County Astronomical League.

You're an astro-rock star, Herman. You have long been one of my inspirations with respect to not succumbing to age a single moment earlier than absolutely necessary. Keep knocking it out of the park. You can count me among your biggest fans!



Hi Herman [and Brent],

I'm following up from last night's sidewalk astronomy where I had the fortune to meet all of you.

Thank you for an amazing observing session last night! It was a lot of fun and it was fantastic to meet both of you and Katie.
I'd really enjoy being able to help out in any way I can in the future, so please let me know how I can be of service as it was a fantastic experience.

I'm also going to be reaching out to the STScI office of public outreach for hopefully similar opportunities to be able to contribute towards the Baltimore communities as it comes to public outreach.

Thanks again,
Raphael H.


It was so great to see you tonight at Fells Point, especially after having just read your story in the new StoryCorps book a few days ago. Thanks for being out there and for all the passion you bring to what you do!
Jay B.
Herman 08-26-16


Mary Jo S., Manager of Events Services, Loyola University
Hey Herman,
I was just listening to you on the radio.  I was just thinking back to the days of safe sex and Hailey’s comet tee shirts!  And dancing at the Gandy Dancer.  Baltimore is lucky to have you, and without you, other projects wouldn’t even be possible.  Thank you for sticking with your idea all these years, and never giving up!!!  You are a Baltimore icon.  I hope I run into you soon.
Take good care,
Mary Jo


S. Anderson, Space Telescope Science Inst.
The first year I lived in the hood (I'd been in Baltimore a decade), had my parents visiting and my dad, an astronomy prof at NMSU, met you down in Fells and it was awesome. I'm a data wrangler/fusserover at Space Telescope. I'm tickled to find out this is your home too!


A. Prince from MA (children's book author)
     Dear Herman,
     Your web site is fantastic, and it looks like you have a lot of fun in Fells Point – and beyond. Your photos are amazing! I especially love the comet photos and the lunar crater.
     We may be planning an early summer trip to DC. If so, we’ll have to look you up on the way.
     Thanks again and all my best,
     A. Prince


John  M. from Baltimore
    Mr Heyn,
    I looked through you telescope about 25 years ago and got hooked. I purchased a 4" telescope and accidentally bumped the telescope and there in the eyepiece was the horse head nebula. I searched and searched for it again and could not find it.
    After a battle with the addictions of life . I lost my interest. I am 22 years in recovery and the desire to look up has engulfed me.
    I purchased a celestron 6" nexstar se telescope. I'm back in the saddle again and i look forward to meeting you after all these years.
    I am a novice and any advice you can give a 72 year novice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You For Being You !!
John M.


DD from New York.
You won't remember me, though we've met a few times next to your telescope in Fell's Point in Baltimore. Most recently a year ago I think. My wife and I like to stop by when we see you and explore a little bit of the solar system and learn whatever it is you are looking at on the night's we see you. Thank you for all that you do to further interest in space exploration and science and astronomy.

We live in Baltimore now and my wife and I are looking to purchase a telescope of our own. We'll talk to you about recommendations.


Hi Herman!
Nice to meet you at the harbor last night. thanks for letting Sam and I see super-moon up close. Was really a memorable experience. I hope you had a wonderful evening.
aj from new york


It was a pleasure meeting you at Fell's Point with your telescope set up pointed at Saturn this past weekend. Thank you for the wonderful view that I have missed all season due to weather not cooperating when I have actual time to take my own telescope out to take a peek. I wish I could have stayed longer to check out some double stars you were offering to show my friend and I, but alas, that darn water taxi driver was yelling at us to venture onwards to our final destination since they were running late as it was.

It was an amazing surprise to get to view a celestial object in the middle of Fell's Point while on vacation, and added the "cherry on top" of a fantastic weekend getaway. I will be on the lookout for Herman's Cross next time I take the scope out for sure!

Thank you again


Claude Catala - President of the The Paris Observitory, Paris France
Thank you for donating the Eclipse photograph.

Solor Eclipse Solar eclipse


From Chris Godsick, Executive Producer of Baltimore Magazine, "Best of Baltimore," personal best-of 2013:

"Herman Heyn, the Fells Point street-corner astronomer. Always a treat to look through his telescope and chat with someone who just wants to share his love of the stars. "


Cory Cone 06/29/13

Our last few hours in Charles village, and we spot one of the coolest Baltimore residents ever. The Street Corner Astronomer.
Got to see the rings of Saturn. Always hoped to run into him one day. Cory Cone


Don Dufree, Atlanta, GA, 03/05/13

Hi Herman,
      I saw while reading Astronomy (or perhaps it was S&T) that you had written a letter to them and it brought back memories of meeting you and talking to you before I left Baltimore in 1997. A quick google look up brought me to your webpage and I was glad to see that you are still doing Sidewalk Astronomy!
     You probably don't remember me by name but I chatted with you a few times in Fells Point and enjoyed looking thru your scope. I still have the photo I bought from you of the comet over the barn and of the eclipse sequence on a single frame. Just to let you know, after years of neglect, I finally splurged on myself and bought a 10" LX200 a few years ago and try to take it out as often as possible, which is probably less than once a month between clouds, kids, and everything else....
      Don Durfee (now in Atlanta where the light pollution extends for miles!)


Marian Coffin on Herman's Powerpoint presentation at the Space Telescope Science Institute Public Lecture Series on 05/01/2012
Your presentation was great! You did fine. I'm going to listen to it again because I missed a bit of it but it really looked good (and was interesting).

Christine (& Ben) - from Reading, PA
viewing at Fells Point, Friday evening, 4/6/12
Even today, I can't stop thinking about the moon and planets (Venus & Saturn) you shared with us last night! What a wonderful, unexpected experience. I'm so grateful that you have this passion, but especially grateful that you are the kind of person who likes to share his passion with strangers!! I'm sure many, many people every night are enlightened by what you show them, even though most people never follow-up with an e-mail...so, I would like to thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of them, too :-)

I, too, was hooked by astronomy in elementary school. I never had a telescope but I think about getting one from time to time - and you've got me thinking about it again. If I do, I'll have to follow your example and be sure to share it with others.


Dietrich Ruehlmann
Dear Herman, You showed us on the 10th of March the rings of Saturn in downtown Baltimore. This was great and we would like to thank you for doing this: this was a highpoint of the evening and a birthday present for me. (We briefly talked about microscopy, and I for unbeatable beauty in small things. Visit http://www.nikonsmallworld.com/ where Nikon has an annual contest. I cannot compete with those images!) All the best and thank you for doing this. You are truly inspiring.


Mike Arida
Thank you for showing us Uranus. It was nice to talk with you again after a few years. Our son Joseph is still talking about how now he's seen all the planets except Neptune.

A very nice web site, is that your grandson in the picture with you?

Hey Herman,
I live back in Baltimore and edit the Dundalk Patch website. Can I use your photo and caption? I'm starting a "Photo of the Day" gallery.
Thanks, Ron

L. Roberts, musician and science artist,
Great website!!!!!!!

Mike Franch, Baltimore History Soc.
I spent considerable time tonight on your site.  It's really interesting and impressive.


Amanda Mignonne
hello herman,

thank you so much for showing me saturn tonight! here is my blog about it:


i hope you enjoy it!


Gary Silverstein, Senior Study Director, Westat.

Just wanted to thank you for showing my son Paul the rings of Saturn on Saturday night. I would have stayed to chat, but we were in a bit of a hurry. As I was telling your companion, I've taken him to a couple of star parties--one at Sky Meadows State Park outside of Washington, D.C. and another at Yosemite. Both times we viewed Saturn, but there is something wonderful about taking in a celestial view in the middle of a crowded city.

I've stopped by your telescope a number of times over the years, but this was the first time with my kids. I think what you are doing is terrific and hopefully you've inspired some kids (not to mention adults) to take up star gazing. I meant to contribute on Saturday, but had no money at the time. As a way of saying thanks, I've attached a couple of images from my own travels.
Hopefully I'll run into you the next time I'm in Baltimore.
Thanks again,



Bernie Nebel, PhD, Educator and environmentalist, with four books on Amazon, among them "Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding: A Science Curriculum for K-2". Vol. II covers grades 3-5.

Hi Herman,
I was just perusing your web site. It is super fantastic. What a wonderful gift you are giving to people of Baltimore and to visitors. See you at dance. Bernie

Signe Thorsen, Retired college administrator.
Hi Herm,
Your website is better and better. I loved the section on the solar eclipse! I've always remembered the technique you used, but the description of it was wonderful to read. It was also fun reliving the Hale-Bopp T-shirts. I still have mine packed away somewhere.

Tiemen Woutersen, Johns Hopkins University:
Your website looks great!! I really like it that you can click on the planets and get some information (that a venus day lasts longer than a venus year!!).

Ralph Crone:
The whole family enjoyed your website and stories,  Thanks for sharing it with us.

Ann Crone:
This is really neat.  I've been to Harbor Place the last time I was in Baltimore, but it was so long ago I don't think he was doing this yet.  Great way to pay for his astronomy stuff plus!


Daniel Crone:
That's a cool story. I especially liked the part where he reconnects with his old teacher.


Eta Kushner:
Very nice! I learned a lot already. One thing I was wondering about was if Saturn has such a low density, why does an object weigh more there than on the earth? Or maybe I'm just not understanding the difference between mass and density.

Although I saw the FAQ page with questions and answers, I did not notice a place on the site where people can contact you. Did I miss it? If it's not there, how can people ask you questions? [Webmaster - contact button has been added.]

Anyhow, I was going to go to sleep almost an hour ago, but I spent the time on your website.

Have a nice weekend.


Martin in Northern Ireland at nightskyhunter.com:
Congratulations on the new website, I have just spent some time going through it and have had a wonderful experience. I like all the images with you and your trusty 8" scope as well as the comet images, it was good to see Hyakutake in there. Love the way the cursor brings up data on the solar system planets etc...very impressive! Congrats again and enjoy the site, I will be checking in on a regular basis.
Clear skies and good luck

Grant Miller from Warrensburg, Missouri:
Cool!  And I agree--Pluto is a KBO.
Hey!  Did you know you were going to be in Glenn Chaple's Astronomy magazine column?
Congratulations, Mr. Celebrity.  Don't forget us little people...  ;-)


John Miller, Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersy:
Great site. I think it accurately portrays the great things you are doing for the astronomy and downtown Baltimore communities!

Frank Roylance, The Baltimore Sun:
Very nice, Herman! I have Tweeted your web debut to all 557 of my Twitter followers.

Joe Snodgrass, Cambridge Massachusetts:
You are too modest.  This is a great site.  Bravo Herman.

Teresa Palomar:
Cool website, herman. I've just spent several minutes reading all about the planets. Nice job!

Cheryl Dillard-Ewing:
Very nice website !! Keep up the good work !!

Oshin Zakarian, Iran:
hi there dear Hermannn so so happy to see your site. i will forward it to my astro frineds as well. thanks for your kind words on our site yes indeed its great, we are travelling more and more for astrophotography now! wish to meet you on one of those star parties my freind! cheeeeeeers

Babak Tafreshi, Iran:
Glad to hear from you! Starting your website was a great idea. I enjoyed viewing it. I just got the October issue of Astronomy and was glad to see you there! Oh, I forgot about the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction, the pair will be closest around Sep. 18. It amazing to have your first look at a telescope and see Uranus!

Hugh Bartlett, northern California:
Cool site!  Very professionally done.  Congratulations!.
Congratulations on being featured in Glenn Chaple's column in Astronomy.   Just in case those 15 minutes of fame are not enough, I will try to find a way to get your cross asterism published, too, before my 15 minutes run out!

Fritz Kleinhans, Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis, Resident Astronomer, Emeritus:
Good work, nice site.  Did you create this yourself or have help?  Very slick.

Herman's reply:
Steve Cunningham, an old friend and expert web designer did the work.

James Willinghan of the Howard Astronomical League:
Thanks so much Herman. Checked out your site and very nice!!! Lots of good info for just about all. At the Almost Heaven Star Party we also took a peak at your very own Hermans Cross!

Dan Rodricks - Columnist, The Baltimore Sun and Host of Midday, WYPR-FM:
Thanks for your note, Herman. I'm going to post your comments on my Facebook page. I'll also put your neat web site there.  _________________________________________________

Michael Molz:
Sorry I'm just now (3 wks later) getting 'round to checking out your website. But it is terrific - I LOVE it!!! Good job, Mr. Cunningham! It was nice talking with you at the Deckbuster party....  I sincerely wish H.C. Designs would get re-born. I miss those T-shirts.

Johnny Heyn - Herman's nephew:
I didn't know you had a website. It's great!! See you at Thanksgiving?

Nancy Patz - Authoress of children's books:
I think your website is fabulous! Loved the part about Miss Wicker too -- she came right back in my mind, and I could SEE her, prancing across the front of the room. Wonder whatever happened to Miss Wicker ---


Michael W. Friedlander, Professor of Astronomy, Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO. Author of A THIN COSMIC RAIN: PARTICLES FROM OUTER SPACE:
I checked Herman Heyn's website - wonderful! 


Dave Green, Towson Univ. Physics Prof., Emeritus:
Nice Web Spider Man!!


Randy Chase:
Great webpage, I hope it gets cross referenced as a Baltimore Attraction on other B-More Websites.