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Herman Heyn - Baltimore's Street-Corner Astronomer.
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Herman's Own Holiday Cards for Sale  26th year summery


Starting in April and for the next 4-5 months, Planet Jupiter and its four bright moons will be his telescope's main feature. The moons are historically significant, as Galileo's 1610 discovery of their orbiting Jupiter put to rest the thousand year-old old belief that everything in the universe orbited Earth.

Both Jupiter and its moons look great in Herman's telescope. The moons are bright and often form surprisingly interesting configurations. When seeing Jupiter's moon in Herman's telescope, you are following in the footsteps of the great Italian astronomer, and your view will be 1000 times better than his!

Over the last decade, Jupiter's Great Red Spot has considerably shrunk and faded. Currently, the spot is barely, if at all visible in Herman's telescope. Herman hopes that, as it has in the past, some time soon it will  rejuvenate itself!

For the two weeks it's in the evening sky, our own moon with its craters and mountains will also be putting on a good show.

Finally, Saturn and ring will be on stage by mid-summer.

WHERE TO FIND HERMAN - The Fells Point square, Herman's traditional location, is currently undergoing a remake and will be fenced off for the foreseeable future. Anyone wishing to visit Herman on a particular night should call (NOT EMAIL) him late after noon (410-889-0460) for his whereabouts that night.



Herman viewing the Transit of Venus

30 years! (2017)

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to view an article commemorating Herman's 25 years of offering his telescope to the public for viewing the stars and planets.
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Look for the Baltimore Street-corner Astronomer in Fell's Point (mostly weekends) when the skies are clear. Everyone is welcome to look through the Hav-A-Look 8" schmidt-cassegrain reflector telescope. You will see the planets (when visible); Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its moons, Venus, Mars, distant planets such as Uranus (if you're lucky) and close-ups of the moon's craters - a fantastic sight! You can even look at the Sun's eclipses and Sun spots (when visable) during the day through a special filter.

For last minute go/no go info for Fells Point, call Herman late afternoon: 410-889-0460.
         "On a family trip out west in 1969, I'd bought a plastic cowboy hat. Back home I found I was allergic to it, so it just sat on a shelf (it was pretty). The afternoon of 11/13/87, I got tired of looking at it, stomped on it, and put it in the trash. On my way out the door to Fell's Point, I had this "ah ha" flash that I should take a contributions hat. I pulled my cowboy hat out of the trash, straightened it out, and took it with me. That night it collected $10.00, the next night $40.00. My appetite was whetted, and the rest is history!"
Donation Hat
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Herman with telescope.
Heman Heyn at Thames and Broadway

         "My enduring interest in astronomy began with Miss Wicker in 8th grade general science at Garrison Junior High. One day she drew the Big Dipper on the board and instructed us to find it that night. I did, and was immediately hooked. As a teenager I'd read a huge number of astronomy books and become pretty conversant with the subject. My supportive father bought me a 3" refractor but, soon after, I sold it. In 1978, having some spare cash from selling my house, I bought my first adult telescope, another 3" refractor.
          Rather than disciplined observing, my main activity with it was visiting schools (with a slide show, too) and entertaining friends at cookouts.
         In 1981 I acquired my 8" Meade SCT from my son, who received it from his wife as a wedding present years earlier.
         My Baltimore's Street-Corner Astronomer career began Friday, the 13th of November, 1987. It was a gorgeous early evening sky with both the Moon and Jupiter front and center. I had nothing special going on, so I decided to take my 8" to Fell's Point to share the sky's beauty with the public."

Herman as a Teacher

Because he dispenses so much information, many of his lookers ask Herman if he's a teacher. In 1978 he received an elementary education degree from Coppin State Teachers College (now Coppin University). After practice teaching and being certified, he decided full time class room teaching was not for him. He launched into a series of work-a-day-world jobs, ranging from lab tech to office manager for a small construction company (lasted 12 years). A Korean war vet, he also spent four years as office manager of the Baltimore Peace Action Center, an anti-Vietnam war organization. Between 1984 and 1995, operating as HC Designs, Inc., he designed and marketed t-shirts. His first designs were Halley's Comet followed by a very successful line of grand opera t-shirts and tote bags. Herman thanks his lucky stars for the day he discovered "street' telescoping because, he says, "It's far and away what I do best in this world."

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